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The difference between the 90's and 2020's

First off in the past 10 years or so I think that we should all stop looking at television. Television is a bad thing. Television is impressionable. I have looked at tv for a long time since this pandemic. not just new movies, specific television shows like the ones advocating being gay as if it should be okay. If you are married to another woman, and the show is produced by black writers and major characters are present or in the movie that has to be a gay element as the narrative upfront with the youth such

Television show called: power the television show where the talk show host that's on vacation, but somebody else Shelly Sherry is hosting it and interviewing other women with their female husbands or movies. Tyler Perry puts out a movie it has a gay theme to it. I understand now why different people limit the access or use of television with their children. Back in the 1990's there were television shows called living single which there were two gay characters or actors on board that show but we really didn't pay that much of attention it wasn't upfront like it is no.they never kissed you never had any idea that they were gay at all but when you found out it really was a difference of how you felt about that or the people or person.

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