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Serving you with dignity and professionalism

 JMEDICAL NON-PROFIT, S.D.V.O.S.B. Certified by C.V.E 


                                       Jmedical Services:

  • 24 Hour medical device supplier

  • Elderly in home care.

  • Example: Store is closed but you need an item, just call us and we will be there for you.

  • Secure response on the Portal page.

  • Payment processing on secure server.

  • Two day delivery for time sensitive orders before 11 AM.

  • Manufacture warranty on all Equipment.



 We have served and are sensitive towards the need of the hurting, the sick, injured and wounded. Now we are ready to serve again.


Visit Us

9729 Parkway East Suite 10
Birmingham, AL 35215
Tel: 205-821-8102
​Fax: 205-208-1191


Elderly In Home Care.

Popular Items
  • Twin Hospital Bed.

  • Knee Walker.

  • Adult W/Seat Walker.

  • New Nebulizer breather with Mask for Adults and Children.

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