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Day one October 2021.

Congress has avoided a government shutdown, we have a continuing resolution to the 4th of December. The administration is following in the same footstep after the prior administration by a continuing resolution by borrowing on credit to pay the workers that naturally live here in the United States.There is a debate going on about Afghanistan on the hill about how much money should be spent on those refugees. But then again at the same time due to natural disasters the hurricane the political overthrow of Haiti and all of it refugees are being returned to a country that has no leadership or any foundation because they had a tornado that tore them up. They are being deported cast away from the country that says give me liberty or give me death and they are giving death to the people that should be giving Liberty to. And in other conversations all of the $90,000 people that are from Afghanistan. Some people here think that of those 90,000 there may be some people in that group that's inclined to do what happened on 9/11 and they all look the same. They are giving free medical care, money in their pockets and a place to stay. They're not being loaded on planes and sent back to where they come from.

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