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Veterans Point of Service

About VPS


Veterans Point of Service (VPS) is a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) initiative that provides Veterans with convenient control of their own health information, while streamlining and standardizing basic patient-facing activities at VA medical centers and community-based clinics nationwide.

Nearly 9 million Veterans have used VetLink kiosks

About VA Kiosks

Kiosks are self-service, touchscreen devices that allow enrolled Veterans to securely perform basic tasks. There are three forms of kiosk devices: free-standing, desktop, and wall-mounted.

Kiosk devices allow Veterans to –

Check-in for scheduled appointmentsView future appointmentsView and validate insurance informationUpdate next-of-kin informationRequest beneficiary travel mileage reimbursementRequest medical recordsView their account balanceRespond to national and site-specific questionnaires

Coming Soon!

Review and reconcile account balance using a debit or credit cardReview and reconcile medication and allergy information for wellness and safetyAutomate certain administrative processes, such as generate forms (e.g., release of information), wristbands and labels (e.g., labs)

Where can you find a Kiosk?

Kiosks are conveniently located in VA medical centers and community based outpatient clinics across the U.S. Most facilities have staff or volunteers dedicated to help assist Veterans in using the Kiosks.

Get Familiar with Kiosk: Simple Steps for Checking-In

Select the "Check-in for Appointment" option.Use the bar code scanner to read your Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC). Forget your VHIC? You can also enter your social security number.Enter your date of birth and verify your identity.Update your address, phone number, and personal information using the touchscreen keypad, as needed.Confirm your appointment.📷

In many facilities, staff and/or volunteers are available to assist you in these steps and offer any guidance needed.

Looking for more information?

Review our brochure ( en español )Return to this website for updates about kiosk locations, features, and functions.

Have feedback about VetLink kiosks or VPS overall? Email us at

The kiosk devices increases customer satisfaction, promotes workflow efficiency, enhances data quality, and strengthens patient safety by –

Reducing check-in waiting timeEmpowering Veterans to maintain accurate personal health record information (e.g., address, demographic information)Increasing seamless communication between the front desk and back offices of clinicsProviding more flexibility and efficiency for VA staff as they serve VeteransAdding continuity to insurance capture activities

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