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One-third of credit card holders are in debt because of medical bills, according to recent research from 60% of those individuals said they used their credit cards because they had no other way to pay.If that’s you, take these steps to renegotiate your balances and bolster your savings.📷WATCH NOWVIDEO01:5033% of cardholders in debt because of medical bills

For millions of Americans, unexpected bills can be summed up in two words: medical debt.

Medical financial hardships have affected about 137.1 million adults in the past year, according to recent research.

And many Americans are turning to credit cards to help manage those debt burdens, according to

The website found that 33% of cardholders are in debt because of medical bills. And nearly 60% said they used a card because they had no other way to pay.

If you’re saddled with this debt, you need to take action.

Renegotiate your debt

First, start by making sure that you’re getting the best interest rates for your balances.

If you have debt sitting on a high-interest card, consider transferring the balance to a 0% credit card.

You may also use a medical credit card for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your insurance.

These cards, which are offered by companies like CareCredit, have special financing you may not get on other cards. They’re interest-free for a few months as long as you make your monthly payments on time. After that period, though, be sure to pay the balance off in full to avoid deferred interest that will charged from the original date of purchase.

Those terms are typical with retail cards and medical cards, but not with other general-purpose credit cards, noted Matt Schulz, chief industry analyst at

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