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When we sit down and have time for ourselves. We should just rest. Do not flood ourselves with this social media and the things that it present to you. Because during the whole pandemic when there was reports of death all over the place, I think that people should sit back and look. You know at the natural causes of death. Right now at this moment my dad is on hospice at UAB. It is not because of covid and inside my immediate family which includes not just where I live but in my mother's house and in my ex house and the related houses that we are attached to. All of the people that we know without the covid. Let's just say that natural death has taken its course throughout the family. Therefore I don't believe in this pandemic that has been pushed by the media agenda. I have been mandated to take the shot, and I have gotten both of them to stay on my job. I still think that people should really think before acting to get answers to the real questions and not just what the media is pushing. At the end of the day spiritual am I. No weapon formed against me shall harm me.

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