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This the season to blow your horn.

We on average that have been driving for more then 15 years. We were talk to read and understand and apply the rules of the road when driving on Alabama roads. That does not include honking your horn when you're clearly behind another vehicle if they're making a legal turn in front of you with more than enough space to get in front of you. Sometimes I think that the change in culture affects the way that we drive especially with people starting to change their point of view about things. There was once a car wreck and the person that was in in the back was upset at the person in the front because they hit the person in the front of them now according to insurance rules whoever hits you from behind is guilty and I pray that as long as they don't change that rule like they do in court then I guess having insurance would be okay because it seems that you can have a gun you can kill someone and then claim to be the victim. when if you had to stay at home everybody would have been alive today. but back to the car business it's upsetting to be blown at when you know you have a right of way, when you're fully executing a lane change with your signal light on and someone behind you is blowing at you.

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