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The Wall Street Journal: Food Stamps In Good TimesJudging by the rhetoric, you’d think President Trump was shutting down Great Depression bread lines. “The Trump administration,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “is driving the vulnerable into hunger just as the Christmas season approaches.” Humbug. Two incongruous facts: With the U.S. unemployment rate now at 50-year lows, there are seven million job openings for only six million job seekers. Yet as of last year 2.1 million potential hires—specifically, adults age 18 to 49, able-bodied, without dependents—were receiving food stamps despite not working. (12/4)

The New York Times: The American Health Care Industry Is Killing PeopleWon’t you spare a thought for America’s medical debt collectors? And while you’re at it, will you say a prayer for the nation’s health care billing managers? Let’s also consider the kindly, economically productive citizens in swing states whose job it is to jail pregnant women and the parents of cancer patients for failing to pay their radiology bills. Put yourself in the entrepreneurial shoes of the friendly hospital administrator who has found a lucrative new revenue stream: filing thousands of lawsuits to garnish sick people’s wages. (Farhad Manjoo, 12/4)

USA Today: How To Lose 2020: Scrap ACA, Pledge To Kill Private Health InsuranceIowans have an extraordinary opportunity to shape our nation’s history through the caucuses that launch the presidential nomination season on Feb. 3. The rest of America is counting on the seriousness with which they have always approached the responsibility that comes with their pivotal role in presidential selection.For Democrats, it is critical to focus on our core health care principles. Universal access to affordable health care must be a core principle. No one should be denied life-saving care because of the size of their paycheck. Justice demands an effective and achievable way to get it done soon. (Chuck Hassebrook, 12/4)

The Hill: American Health Care Has A New Third RailIt’s the guarantee — provided for the first time to all Americans by the Affordable Care Act — that people with pre-existing health conditions will have access to affordable private health insurance. The coverage of 54 million Americans with health problems would be at risk if the protections currently contained in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are declared unconstitutional in a pending court case, or if opponents of the law succeed in renewed efforts to repeal it. (David Blumenthal, 12/4)

The Wall Street Journal: The Democrats’ Fractured Fairy TalesIt is said endlessly that disagreement in politics is a good thing. Except when one side of the argument is occupied by America’s political left, which in its modern incarnation allows little dissent. That was made clear as the Democratic presidential contest began an eon ago, with Ms. Harris in tow. The defining moment of the campaign back then was when the party somehow took two of its core policy issues—health care and climate change—and reimagined them into the Fractured Fairy Tales of the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. (Daniel Henninger, 12/4)

Stat: U.S. Continues To Lead The Fight Against Antibiotic ResistanceOne of the greatest threats to public health today, in the United States and around the world, isn’t a new exotic hazard. It’s antibiotic resistance: the potential failure of one of our most important and well-known disease-fighting tools. The latest Antibiotic Resistance Threats Report, recently published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows that antibiotic-resistant (AR) infections — when germs defeat the drugs designed to kill them — cause more than 35,000 deaths each year in the United States. (HHS Secretary Alex M. Azar and CDC Director Robert Redfield, 12/4)

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