Get extended coverage for our dependent child?

Can my service member get extended coverage for our dependent child?

Yes, in some cases. Coverage lasts until the child is 18 years old. But, if the child is a full-time student between 18 and 22 years old, we may extend the coverage. Or, if the child becomes permanently and totally disabled before turning 18 and is no longer able to support themselves, we may extend the coverage—in some cases indefinitely.

How do I convert a spousal FSGLI policy to an individual insurance policy?

You have the option to convert spousal FSGLI coverage to a permanent, individual insurance policy (such as whole life) within 120 days from the date of your service member’s:

Separation from the military Divorce from you Written election to end spousal SGLI coverage Written election to end their SGLI coverage Death

If any of the events listed above happen, you, as the service member’s spouse, become solely responsible for all aspects of the policy, including premium payments.

You can’t convert other types of policies—such as term, variable, or universal life insurance. And, supplementary policy benefits—such as accidental death and dismemberment or a waiver of the premium for disability—aren’t considered part of the conversion policy.

If you’d like to convert FSGLI coverage, you must also:

Choose a company from the list of companies that take part in this program. View the companies you can choose from Apply at the local sales office of the company you chose.Give a copy of the most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) to the agent, showing the deduction for spousal SGLI. You’ll also have to provide proof of coverage with one of these documents:The service member’s separation document (Form DD214 or NGB-22, or written orders)The Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage between the spouse and the service member The service member’s FSGLI spousal declination The service member’s SGLI declination The service member’s proof of death (DD1300: Report of Casualty, or a civilian death certificate)

Which forms would my service member need?

To request an advance insurance payment for a spouse who’s terminally ill, a service member would file a Claim for Accelerated Benefits (SGLV 8284A). Download SGLV 8284A (PDF) To tell us about the death of a family member covered by the policy, a service member would file a Report of Death of Family Member (SGLV 8700). Download SGLV 8700 (PDF) To receive an insurance payment in their time of need, a service member would file a Claim for Family Coverage Death Benefits (SGLV 8283A). Download SGLV 8283A (PDF)

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