The Beneficiary Travel program provides eligible Veterans and other beneficiaries mileage reimbursement, common carrier (plane, train, bus, taxi, light rail etc.), or when medically indicated, "special mode" (ambulance, wheelchair van) transport for travel to and from VA health care, or VA authorized non-VA health care for which the Veteran is eligible.

Beneficiary Travel Benefits

A Veteran may be eligible for Beneficiary travel services if the following criteria are met:

YOU QUALIFY IF:YOU QUALIFY FOR SPECIAL MODE TRANSPORTATION (Ambulance, Wheelchair Van etc.) IF:you have a service-connected (SC) rating of 30 percent or more, oryou are traveling for treatment of a SC condition, oryou receive a VA pension, or your income does not exceed the maximum annual VA pension rate, oryour income does not exceed the maximum annual VA pension rate, orBENEFICIARY PROGRAMyou are traveling for a scheduled compensation or pensionyou meet one of the eligibility criteria in the left column, andyour medical condition requires an ambulance or a specially equipped van as determined by a VA clinician, andthe travel is pre-authorized (authorization is not required for emergencies if a delay would be hazardous to life or health)

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